Sweet Basil Seeds - 235 Seeds
Sweet Basil Seeds - 235 Seeds

Sweet Basil Seeds - 235 Seeds

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BASIL - Ocimum Basillicum - 325 Seeds

Sweet Basil Seeds: A popular basil with large, sweet leaves. Ideal for making pesto and mediterranean dishes, rich in vitamins, minerals and a range of antioxidants. Fast and easy to grow in pots on the windowsill or patio. 

Sow & Grow: Sow seeds 0.5 cm deep in small pots of compost on a warm windowsill. Water well and keep moist in a warm spot with an ideal temperature of 15-20 °C. Seedlings will appear after around 7-14 days. 

Sow Indoors: January - December; Flowers/Harvest: January - December


  • Sow and grow indoors for all year round crop
  • For a continuous supply sow seeds every 2-3 weeks
  • Best enjoyed when leaves are picked immediately before use
  • Gradually accustom to outside conditions if planting outside