Rosemary - 40 Premium Seeds
Rosemary - 40 Premium Seeds

Rosemary - 40 Premium Seeds

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ROSEMARY - Rosmarinus Officinalis 40 Premium Non-Gmo Seeds

Rosemary Herb: Bring a Mediterranean flavour to your kitchen with homegrown fresh Rosemary. A great addition to oils or vinegars or a simple but potent fresh herbal tea. Try adding fresh rosemary to roast potatoes to give a fantastic and moreish flavour. Easy to grow in pots on the windowsill or patio. A good source of anti inflammatory and antioxidant compounds there are many health benefits to adding Rosemary to your cooking, from promoting healthy skin to lifting your mood and boosting alertness.

Sow & Grow: Sow thinly 0.5cm deep in small pots of compost on the windowsill. Ideal temperature 15-20°C. Water well and keep moist. Seedlings appear 14-28 days. Pick fresh leaves and tender shoots as required.

Sow/Plant Outside: February - May; Flowers/Harvest: January to December


  • Pick fresh leaves as required, a few from each plant so they regrow quickly
  • Rosemary can also be dried and stores well
  • Cut off any flowering shoots for best flavour