Our Story

Our Humble Beginnings

As a small independent family business, thank you - we really appreciate you choosing us and our products.

We started our business during the covid-19 lockdown when we realised how little we knew about growing our own food and how with a little space and time we could sow, grow, nurture and harvest our own produce for delicious salads, tasty veg, fresh smoothies and other satisfying dishes. The satisfaction of watching our little seedlings grow and ripen in to fresh food was something that we wanted to share.

Our Products 

We offer high quality, premium fresh seeds that can be grown in the garden, pots or containers. Ideal for small spaces such as windowsills, balconies and patios.

Our eco-friendly, unique and fun products encourage conscious living, meaningful giving and a new generation of growers.

Our mission is to inspire and encourage others in the UK to get growing their own through our gift kits, greeting cards and individual seed packs. We believe that growing your own food from seed can be a very rewarding experience and part of everyones life regardless of how much space or knowledge you may have.

We are passionate about creating a healthy and fun journey towards growing your own edible garden and gifting eco-friendly and sustainable products for those special occasions that will encourage people to start enjoying the benefits of plants. 

Eco-Friendly Packaging

It's about time that we let the world know that plastic packaging should be a thing of the past. All of our products have been designed with our precious planet in mind and the conscious and environmentally aware shopper.

Seed Packs, Seed Kits and Greeting Cards are made from kraft board,  recycled paper, vegetable inks and sustainable materials that don't cost the earth.

Greeting Cards

🌱 Our Greeting Cards are made from recycled kraft board from sustainably managed forests

🌱 Printing is chemical-free, using waterless printing and vegetable oil based inks using eco-friendly toners

🌱 Protective sleeves are plastic-free. Made from biodegradable, compostable and food grade material

🌱 Designed and printed in the UK

🌱 Include premium non-gmo seeds packed in the UK

Seed kits

🌱 Pouch packaging is fully bio-degradable and decomposes in just 10 weeks

🌱 Labels are made from recycled paper from sustainably managed forests

🌱 Chemical-free, waterless printing using vegetable oil based inks using eco-friendly toners

🌱 Designed and printed in the UK

🌱 Include premium non-gmo seeds packed in the UK

🌱 Include biodegradable wooden plant markers

🌱 Include grow guides using recycled paper from sustainably managed forests and printed using vegetable oil based inks using eco-friendly toners

The Conscious Seed

Wholesale Prices

If you have a website, shop or email list and would like to offer our eco-friendly sustainable seed kits, seed packs, gift cards and other products, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at Hello@theconsciousseed.com for a chat about how we can grow together.