Beetroot - 140 Premium Seeds
Beetroot - 140 Premium Seeds

Beetroot - 140 Premium Seeds

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BEETROOT - Beta Vulgaris - 140 Premium Non Gmo Seeds

Beetroot Boltardy: This variety has a very sweet flavour and is delicious in salads, can be pickled or enjoyed when made into a vegetarian, plant-based beetroot ‘burger’. Red beets have the cancer-fighting compound betacyanin. Being naturally rich in nitrates and betalin compounds, beetroot can also lower blood pressure and improve digestive health. 

Sow & Grow: Sow thinly 2.5cm deep where they are to crop. Seedlings appear 7-21 days. Water well until plants are established. Thin seedlings to 10cm apart. Allow 30cm between rows.

Sow/Plant Outside: March - July; Flowers/Harvest: June - October


  • This multigerm variety has excellent bolt-resistance.
  • Young leaves are edible and can be cooked like spinach