Cucumber - 20 Premium Seeds
Cucumber - 20 Premium Seeds

Cucumber - 20 Premium Seeds

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CUCUMBER - Cucumis Sativus - 20 Premium Non-Gmo Seeds

Cucumber Beth Alpha F1: Sweet baby cues, popular in the Mediterranean are a refreshing and hydrating addition to salads, juices and sandwiches and rich in vitamins A & C. This variety produces a high yield over a long period of time in a warm or cool greenhouse.

Sow & GrowSow seeds 0.5 cm deep indoors in a cell tray or small pots of compost. Keep well watered in a warm spot with an ideal temperature of 20-25 °C. Seedlings will appear after around 7-14 days. Transplant to larger pots when plants have developed around 3-4 leaves

Sow Indoors: February - May; Plant Outside: May - June; Flowers/Harvest: June - October


  • Cucumbers thrive in humid conditions
  • Regular feed will ensure best crops once fruits appear
  • Cucumbers can be grown vertically in small spaces using canes, strings, netting or a trellis
  • Male flowers will pollinate the female flowers to produce the fruit. They are yellow flowers with no mini cucumber behind it, leave these on the plant until they fade