Strawberries - 250 Premium Seeds
Strawberries - 250 Premium Seeds

Strawberries - 250 Premium Seeds

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STRAWBERRIES - Fragaria Vesca - 250 Premium Non-Gmo Seeds

Alpine Strawberries Red & Cream: These sweet, wild and decorative strawberries are easy to grow and perfect to grow in pots, containers or hanging baskets. Delicious as a sweet treat alone, on cereal, in smoothies or homemade jams. Packed with nutrients and a favourite with kids, growing your own strawberries is fun and rewarding. High in vitamin C and vitamin A to boost the immune system and maintain hydration.

Sow & Grow: Sow in small pots of compost. Keep moist & water well. Ideal temperature between 18 - 21-°C. Seedlings appear in 7-14 days. Transplant once large enough to handle and grow on in cooler conditions. 

Sow/Plant Outside: January - May; Flowers/Harvest: August - October


  • After approximately 4 months the plant should produce its delicious fruit!
  • Ideal to create wild and impressive hanging basket displays
  • Keep plants in a sheltered spot that gets plenty of sunshine