5 Amazing Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

Home Grown Tastes Way Better!

Nothing beats freshly picked lettuce leaves and perfectly ripe tomatoes for a delicious and juicy salad. Not only will your favourite dishes be more tasty but more nutritious without the chemicals from store bought produce. One thing is for sure, you can certainly taste the difference and planting a seed and watching it grow into your food is such a gratifying experience.


Spend More Time In And With Nature

Where it's a greenhouse or veggie patch or pots and containers on your patio you will naturally spend more time outside to water and care for your plants. This means more time under the sky and sunshine getting a great boost of vitamin D, fresh air and time outside.

Depending how much you grow you will also find you will become more active from planting, weeding and digging. Tending to and caring for your plants will increase your strength, activity and wellbeing.

Great Outdoor Family Activity

Teaching our kids and grandchildren where our food comes from, how to grow food from seed and the life cycle of each plant is an essential life skill that is highly undervalued. When we grow food together as a family it is quality time spent together in the garden and learning about nature, the food chain and healthy eating. Your family will learn to value and appreciate the food on their plate in a totally different way.

Children love helping to sow and grow. Pick vegetable seeds to sow that they enjoy so they can enjoy their favourite dishes when it's time to harvest. Cress is a very rewarding seed to sow and watch grow as it is fast and easy. Or growing carrots is another fav with children, especially if they like Peter Rabbit!

Healthier Diet & Increased Nutrition

It's not surprising that home grown fruit and vegetables are nutritionally superior to what you will find in the supermarket. Why? Because it is as fresh as it gets! Picked directly from source and straight to your plate! This means you will benefit from more nutrients, vitamins and minerals as you can harvest your food when it is ripe rather than store bought food that has not been freshly harvested. 

When you grow your own food you are also in control of any fertilisers or pesticides that are used. This means you will know exactly what you are putting into yours and your precious family’s body. 

Help The Environment

When we grow our own food we eliminate the need for plastic packaging and waste and decrease our carbon footprint.

A garden that attracts butterflies will bring native bees to your space, which are important pollinators. Butterflies and bees are an integral part of our ecosystem. Bees are vital to pollinate the food that we eat and pollinate flowers and trees to provide habitats for wildlife.

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